Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Moving Day Deals On Car & Vehicle Shipping Services

When my husband started applying to law school about six years ago, we were so excited about all of the possibilities! I knew he had several schools in mind and had applied to them all, so we had this feeling that anything could happen. When he finally decided on a school, we ended up moving to the other side of the state. When we started working out all of the moving details, we realized we had one little issue: an extra car! Since he would be driving the moving van and I would be driving my car, who would drive his? 

This lingering question led us to finding car transport quotes. We took to the internet and found, which allowed us to get free price quotes for car shipping. As students, we were definitely on a budget, so we had to find the best deal for our money, but we also wanted to make sure the company would deliver our car safe and sound.

We honestly had no idea what we were doing and were thankful to find such a great website. It basically did all the searching for us. The entire shipping process can be so stressful, especially with all the packing and hauling involved, but this was the smoothest moving trip I've ever experienced. We were able to find a great deal, a trusted  vehicle shipping company and had friends to help us move everything else. 

The next time we move, we'll definite need a car transport service again because we now have three cars. I'm not worried, though. We know exactly where to look for our shipping quotes and I know we'll get a great deal! 


Mimi B said...

This is something my family could've used when we moved from WA to MN!! No plans to move any time soon, thankfully, but sounds like a great service!

Britany Holmes said...

There are a lot of good shipping companies who are offering better service for shipping your thinks especially mirrors and glasses.

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